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The #1 networking platform in the music industry

Our app connects creative individuals in the music industry to collaborate and display their talents.



We aim to bring empowerment to every musician, producer, manager, record label, DJ and events company in the world.

Find your Match to Collaborate

Score-Based System

Get matched with artists according to your app score for a beneficial collaboration.

Get Paid Doing What You Love

Get Paid Doing What You Love

Find where you'll perform next with our bidding system

Get Noticed and Gain Exposure

Get Noticed and Gain Exposure

Use our platform and we can help propel your music careers to the next stage!

Showcase Your Talent to the Right People

Showcase Your Talent to the Right People

Get noticed by industry decision-makers and get noticed by the people that matter.


Get Matched with the Right People to Trend

A key feature of the app includes the score system. All users begin with a score of 400 which fluctuates depending on your activity and popularity.

This feature allows artists who have similar trends and style to match and collaborate for better results.

Thanks to our ranking system you will be able to stand out from the crowd.

For Everyone

From Event Organiser to Artist, Get Down To Business With Our Platform

Our app creates an ecosystem of people from all over the industry to bring empowerment to every musician, producer, manager, record label, DJ and events company in the UK.

Whether you are looking to get yourself known in the Industry or look for your next featuring. You will find a wide pool of talent that will benefit your music career.

Managers and Record labels can leverage our network of rising talents as an opportunity to create the best big success-story in the music industry. Or if you are an events company. You could use our platform to organise a concert or music show with a range of different artists.


Share Your Music With the People That Matter

The main aim of the app is to provide a platform for up and coming individuals in the music industry to become noticed and gain exposure in the music industry.

Showcase your music or playlists on your profile and share them directly to the industry decision makers and get noticed in an instant.

Create a new audience by sharing your music on the app and become trending to gain increased awareness.


Build a Strong Network From Artists Accross the UK

Are you in the same boat as the other upcoming artists around the world? Tired of not being able to showcase your talents to the right people? Use our platform and we can help propel your music careers to the next stage!

Build a network that will allow each user to have the opportunity to collaborate with the perfect partner to create, produce and showcase their talents.

Stand out and make a name for yourself across the country. Our app will grant you the opportunity to showcase your talent to many individuals in the UK music industry.

Bidding System

Showcase Your Talent With Our Unique Bidding System

One of the main concepts of the app include the bidding system.

The bidding system involves events companies uploading their events onto our app for other users to compete in gaining the opportunity to perform at a concert or music show.

They Endorsed Us

Music Artist

Khalil Devonne

"This app allows any individual to get known because of their musical talent in the saturated music industry which comes as a blessing for many."

International Music Artist


"I wish someone would have told me earlier on about the existence of an app like this so i would have known who was professional and who was not."

Musician and Producer


"This app may revolutionise how we discover up and coming artists and i'm all for that."

International Music DJ

Vanessa Maria

"This app will change everything because everyone will have an equal chance at networking."


What people think

We gave users early access to our beta asking for critical feedback on our app to continuously improve on our product and provide the best possible user experience.

We are looking for investors

Our ambitious vision will only be able to fullfil itself if we have the needed capital to make our application scale. In a world where music and entertainment is in an ever-growing need of finding new ways to reach people our application is a unique opportunity to leverage the public restrictions to your advantage.


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We Make It Happen

We are making a very high-quality product tailored to the needs, wants and desires of our user base. Our team want to ensure every individual who uses our app is placed in a friendly, safe and professional environment


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Chief Operating Officer

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Chief Executive Officer

Cameron Okomi

Chief Marketing Officer
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